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Photo of the Xellar Roll Forming Line

Fast, flexible and economic production of Profiles with the Xellar Roll Forming Line

The modular design and integrated processes allow for roll forming, punching, welding, clinching, riveting and more – all in the same line. Xellar production cells set a benchmark regarding productivity, safety, noise prevention, energy consumption, ease of use and maintenance.

Photo of the Xellar Roll Forming Line


Flexible x Smart

Thanks to its patented design, the combination of individual production cells, the Xellar Roll Forming Line is outstandingly flexible and adaptable. Intelligent details such as intuitive positioning of the tools and quick-change systems accelerate set-up processes and make adjustments easier. We are proud to call the result „smart profiling“.

Photo of the Xellar Roll Forming Line control unit


Functional x Extendable

Xellar designs the roll forming process to be highly functional. On the basis of the manufacturing cells, individually controllable drives, intelligent sensor systems and simple control functions can be perfectly implemented. If new process steps need to be added, different roll-formed profiles have to be produced or manufacturing technologies are changed on short notice, the true strength of the concept comes into play.

Photo of the Xellar Roll Forming Line feed module


Efficient x Profitable

Xellar pays off from the very first day. The standardised design and robust technology guarantee high uptime. Optionally controllable transmission units lower tool wear, while a clever (intelligent) drive concept allows for rapid tool setup. Based on a comparable initial investment, these advantages make Xellar Roll Forming Lines clearly more economical than other systems in the long run.

Photo of the Xellar Roll Forming Line cutting module


Reliable x high-performance

Millions of metres of roll formed profiles have been created on our lines. That’s why we know that uptime and productivity are paramount. Xellar Roll Forming Lines are robust by conception. The protected work area, the separation of electric supply and mechanical elements, the intelligent drive concept and low-maintenance design enable the system to achieve the highest level of performance.

Roll forming with Xellar

The Roll Forming Line made of modular production cells

Xellar is a highly flexible production system. With its modular concept, it is perfect for individual adjustment to frequently changing cross-sections, as well as for highly reliable large-scale production. Xellar Roll Forming Lines combine the advantages of a standard product with extensive opportunities for individualisation.

Photo of the Xellar Roll Forming Line
  • X-punch

  • X-loop

  • X-roll

    roll forming
  • X-cut


Smart Production System

Video about the Xellar Roll Forming Line
Photo of the Xellar Roll Forming Line

Punching module

  • 1

    Punching frames

    can be individually set to servo-mechanical or hydraulic drive

  • 2


    roller feed, pushing or pulling possible

  • 3

    Noise protection

    effective emission protection thanks to integrated sound insulation

  • 4

    Waste conveyor

    transports waste rapidly out of the machine

Feed module

  • 5


    Also suitable for blank manufacturing

Roll-forming module

  • 6

    Drive system

    with programmable transmission ratio

  • 7

    Tool system

    with optional quick-release system for the base plates

  • 8

    Minimum lubrication system

    digital process and quality monitoring

  • 9

    Enclosed work area

    with cover opening for crane operation

  • 10

    Storage space

    everything is kept in order, with nothing left lying around

  • 11

    Bus system

    other systems can be integrated in the existing bus system

  • 12

    Integrated cooling system

    already starts cooling during the process

Cutting module

  • 13

    Cutting systems

    punching, sawing, shearing: continuous or stop & go

  • 14


    hydraulic or servo-mechanical

  • 15

    Noise protection

    effective noise protection with integrated conveyor belt

Control unit

  • 16

    Control panel

    central control concept for all modules from punching to cutting

Roll forming machines for professionals

Xellar is the perfect roll forming line to create profiles for doors, control cabinets, vehicles, blinds, roller shutters, luminaires, shelves, and many, many more.

Xellar is perfect for integrating forming processes into production lines. Cutting systems, packaging lines, stacking lines, handling systems and more

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For more than 40 years individualised special machinery and outstanding tools have been designed in Marktheidenfeld. At the same time, Profilmetall, based in Hirrlingen, has achieved great expertise as a manufacturer of demanding metal profiles for many industries. This unique combination of knowledge, production and servicing cannot be found anywhere else, offering our customers important synergies when it comes to “Made in Germany” roll forming.

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Alongside our expertise with new roll forming lines, we can also give support maintaining your existing system – no matter who the manufacturer is. With our technical competence and extensive experience, we are also the perfect partner when it comes to retrofitting. If you want to modernise your existing roll forming systems, we will be happy to help draw up practicable, efficient and cost-minimising solutions. Just get in touch!

  • Photo: Profilmetall maintenance and repair Xellar
    Maintenance and repair

    of tools, control systems and production lines, modernisation of roll forming lines (retrofit) by any manufacturer

  • Photo: Profilmetall project management Xellar
    Project management

    from product changes to complete relocations

  • Photo: Profilmetall Training Xellar

    for your employees in machine and tool technology, operation and maintenance

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